Real Estate Staging


• Did you know that when you make the decision to put your home on the market for resale, the most important thing to accomplish is the establishment of a positive first
impression of your property?


• When a potential buyer sees your home or listing for the first time, you have 15 seconds to make that positive first impression. If it is not made, you have lost
that opportunity.


• RESA statistics show that homes that have been staged prior to listing ~

REAL ESTATE STAGING1. Stand out from others on the market
2. Sell faster - a quicker sale means fewer marketing costs
3. Typically sell for more money; on average 15%-20% more than a home that has not been staged
4. Catch the buyer’s eye when seen in print and on internet ads
5. Receive more foot traffic
6. Rise to the top of realtor & buyer “must see” lists
7. Are viewed by buyers as “well maintained”
8. Are viewed as “well maintained” by appraisers
9. Are often appraised at higher values
10. Are “move-in” ready


• Did you know that the fees for home staging can be considered a marketing expense of selling your property and can be tax deductible? Please refer to IRS Publication 523 and discuss deducting the home staging cost with your tax or accounting professional.

• The longer your home is on the market, the greater the chances are you will have to reduce the selling price. Let The CoZy PeRch stage your home before you put it on the market!


The CoZy PeRch has one goal in mind when staging your home for resale -- getting it showroom ready so that it will attract the greatest amount of attention from realtors and buyers alike. A beautifully showcased home increases the probability of a quick sale for the highest price possible. Realty Times has suggested that “most people do not like to buy homes that appear to be someone else's. Houses that sell the quickest and for the highest price are those that do not look as though they belong to someone else, instead they almost look like a store display.” We will be the objective eyes that will make every suggestion possible to prepare your home to be a stand out on the real estate market. We will help you see your home from a different vantage point - through the eyes of the buyer. Focusing on the important details of your home, we will help you maximize your home’s potential and allow the buyer to imagine themselves as owners of your home.