"What a delight to come home to a 'newly designed' living room! Having a designer's touch on the things I already love brought me such joy. This was my experience when Shelley put her special touch on my newly re-modeled living/entry. A lovely 'Welcome Home'!"
-- Annette Parker

"My dilemma began when I purchased a couple of pieces of furniture for my den. I absolutely loved the furniture in the store, but had no idea how to work them into my grouping once they arrived at my home. After several frustrating attempts to place the furniture, The Cozy Perch enthusiastically came to my rescue. In a few hours not only had my den become completely transformed, but my dining room as well. I was amazed to see how "treasures" I already had and loved became even more special as they took new spots within the newly arranged space. Suggestions were made that we purchase a few new items, and I was thrilled when I discovered that the purchases were within my budget and that they had shopped carefully...and frugally! I am so grateful they came to my rescue. In the end, I loved not only my new furniture, but I loved my home all over again!"
-- Debbie Knight


"Shelley and Teresa from the CoZy Perch transformed my house into a home. We have been here almost 3 years, and still hadn’t figured out the best way to set up our furniture and accessories. I knew we needed some key pieces, but money was tight and I honestly didn’t know where to begin. I hope the before and after pictures are up soon, because the difference is remarkable! They were able to integrate pieces from my grandmother that I honestly had stored in the pantry. I loved them, but didn’t know how to use them. Now, the three main rooms of our home have flow, warmth, and reflect our unique sense of style. For less than the cost of a new couch, Shelley and Teresa transformed our house. And they came in for UNDER my budgeted amount on new pieces and decoratives…even when they helped with an extra room! (I was just going to start with 2 rooms, but then wanted to add a third….and now I am ready for help with the rest of the house! :) They know where to shop and when to find the bargains, so their expertise pays for itself! The CoZy Perch exceeded all expectations…and I know it was worth every penny!"
--Amy Yoder